A few months ago, I published an article, “Tips for a pain-free morning” and got lots of questions about the items that I keep nearby. Today I’d like to give you a glimpse into my bedside table.

Mary’s Nutritionals Muscle Freeze

This is my absolute favorite topical cream, hands down, no question. It is cooling, soothing, smells amazing, and works almost instantly. It contains hemp extract from naturally occurring CBD so it isn’t the cheapest option, but it makes my joints feel fantastic. You can get the muscle freeze in two different sizes (1.5 oz and 3.25 oz), and I’ve also gotten rave reviews from others about the calm bath bomb.

Tiger Balm Arthritis Rub

This is my everyday topical lotion. It certainly isn’t new, it has been around for over a century, but it works. It has a cooling, tingling sensation that helps to relieve the pain in my joints. It’s also ideal for sore muscles and any other aches and pains that come my way. Tiger Balm sells almost a dozen products, but the arthritis rub is my favorite. It even comes with an arthritis-friendly pump!


This is not a medication that I take each day, but occasionally. It is a prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and I keep it nearby for the times that I need it. Normally Tylenol does the trick. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Talk to your doctor about any medications or medication changes.


Nothing special here, just my favorite pair of glasses. I keep these close for reading.

Ear Buds

I have a pair of ear buds in my bedside table for nights when I can’t sleep and need to listen to music or watch something to ease back into slumber. They’re also handy if I need to take a call from the bed. It is definitely not comfortable holding your hand to your ear for an entire call.


Keeping books near the bed is ideal for those mornings or whole days when you need to rest. These books change, but right now I have Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and Chelsea Handler’s Life Will Be the Death of Me. Fun fact: I got both of these books at second hand bookstores (one in Grand Junction, CO and one in Chattanooga, TN) for just a few bucks.

ACE Bandage

An old, faithful companion. I’ve been using ACE bandages since before I was even diagnosed with RA. As you can see, I don’t bother rolling it back up. I use it on my feet and ankles when they need some extra compression.

Compression Gloves

Speaking of, my husband first found these compression gloves for me in 2016. Put on a little muscle freeze or arthritis rub and throw these on—yes, please! I can wear them while I’m sleeping or even when I’m working (which is a lot of typing). Plus they’re actually really cute; when I worked in an office no one even realized they were for arthritis.

What you can’t see

Nearby I have extra blankets, a heating pad, a decanter of water, and a bonus cup of extra water and ice.

What do you keep in your nightstand or bedside table? Send us a photo and some info about the items and we’ll share it in the coming weeks.

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